Case Studies

Using the case studies

The content of each of the five case studies is self-contained on one web page and is divided into sections, following a standard format.

On each case study page, clicking the folder button in the section heading will expand or close that section on screen. You can always return to the Summary and contents by selecting the Return to Summary link at the bottom of each section.

Using the case studies

The five case studies, developed with carers, address five different situations where social work can offer input to carers. Each has information about the situation and case records, and highlights important topics that relate to that situation with relevant resources and tools.

Case study 1: Sandwich carer,
caring for a parent and for a child

Case study 2: Young carer,
supporting a parent with a mental health problem

Case study 3: Partner carer,
supporting a partner who is moving into a care home

Case study 4: Partner carer,
supporting a partner who has a life-limiting illness

Case study 5: Parent carers,
supporting an adult child with a learning disability

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